It was getting hot in the summer and beyond time to find a pool.

“Hey! What’s up, Gary!? Whatcha doing today?” Mack asked as they watched him walk across the yard and join them on the front porch.

“It’s hot, bros! I’m going to my cousin’s house to play in his pool. It’s huge. It has a water slide AND a zipline over it!” said Gary.

Mack and Cheese’s eyes got very wide.

“Whaaaat?!” said Cheese.

“I’ll be right back! I’m going to ask Mom to see if we can go to your cousin’s pool too!” Mack said as he disappeared into the house.

“I hope Mom says ‘yes’!” Cheese told Gary.

A few minutes later, Mack came out of the house with a frown.

“Mom said ‘no’!” he mumbled. “She said that she doesn’t know Gary’s cousin, so we can’t go right now. BUT! She did say that she will ask Dad to build a zipline in the backyard!”

“Aww man! Maybe next time, Gary! Have fun!” said Cheese.

Gary jumped off of the porch and headed back across the front yard to his house.

“Come on, Cheese. Grab some paper. We have a backyard zipline to design by the time Dad gets home from work.” Mack planned.