“Boys! You have some mail!” Mom yelled from the driveway.

Mack and Cheese were in Mack’s room with the windows open. It was an unusually hot day in December. It was like 78 degrees.

Cheese was at the front door before Mom could open it.

“Who is it from, Mom?” asked Cheese.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t say. Open it.” She replied and handed the envelope to Cheese.

Cheese and the envelope disappeared upstairs.

“Mack look! We got an envelope!” said Cheese excitedly.

“Well open it already!” Mack said.

Cheese peeled the back of the envelope open, pulled the card out and began to read out loud. “You are cordially invited to Gary’s birthday party. Saturday, January 16th, 12:30pm at The Bouncing House. Come ready to have fun!”

Mack smiled, “WAIT! That is 4 days from now! We have got so much to do. We need to get our clothes and we need to go get him a gift! What should we get him, Cheese?”

Cheese thought out loud, “I like Terf guns, or Brix blocks, or anything Revenger related.”

Mack rolled his eyes, “Bro. The gift is not for you! It is for our friend, Gary! I think we should get him some Stickymon cards and a Terf gun!”

“Yeah! Let’s do that!” agreed Cheese.

“Moooom! We need some money!” yelled Mack.