“Shh! Mom told us to read for ten minutes, Dude!” Mack said. “She can be back any minute and if she catches you not reading we’re BOTH in trouble!”

Any minute turned into two minutes. Two minutes later, Mom was back.

Mom started, “OK boys~ Put down your books. I’m going to read you a story and when I finish, I’m going to ask you both some questions. So listen and be ready to answer.”

It took Mom 15 minutes to read the entire book of Yellow Eggs and Hamburger.
The quiz began, “OK boys, I need answers. Who came knocking at the door?”

Cheese spoke up quickly, “That’s easy! It was Man I Am and he wanted Sam to eat yellow eggs and hamburger!”

Mom congratulated him, “Correcto! Now for a few more! Where did he want to eat them? And how much did it cost to buy yellow eggs and hamburger at a restaurant?”

Mack spoke up first this time, “He wanted to eat them here and there, in a box, with a fox and on a train, he even ate them in the rain! AND yellow eggs and hamburger costs $7.06 at a restaurant!”