“Cheese! When was the last time we did some exercises together?” Mack asked.

“It has been a while. I think like 2 days. Remember when we worked out with Dad and his workout video?” Cheese recollected.

“I remember that! We did some burps, sit-ups, and push ups. My arms were tired! Oh yeah, we did some squats too. I’m breaking out in a sweat now just thinking about it. But I don’t think that was 2 days ago. That was more like 2 months ago. We’re overdue for a work out.” Mack sat and thought for a bit.

Mack began, “OK, I think I got it. Let’s try this workout. We have to keep moving and not watch so much TV. We’re gonna go outside, do 10 jumping jacks in the garage, run around the house 4 times, 10 jump ropes, 5 pushups, 5 sit-ups, and then cool down with a walk around the house. Got it?!”

Mack had it all planned out.

Cheese agreed, “Got it! Let’s race!”

Mack yelled, “On your march, get set… GO!” And the workout began.