Mack was beaming with excitement as he was putting his shoes on. “CHEESE! Put on your shoes, grab your gloves, and come to the garage with me and Dad. It’s Workshop Day!”

“Cool!” Cheese said. “See you in a minute!”

In a matter of two minutes, both boys were in the garage smiling at Dad, ready to do some work. He pulled the cars out of the garage and into the driveway so we would have plenty of room to work.

“OK Guys!” Dad began. “We’re going to do a little drill work today. Mack! Do you remember what I said about laying on the drill?”

Mack replied, “Yes, Sir! When we’re drilling down into something, I can lay on the drill to make it go down.”

“Right!” Said Dad then he turned to Cheese. “Hey You! Do you remember how to get a drill out of a hole?!”

Cheese thought for a second, “Ummmm, squeeze and pull?”

Dad replied, “That’s right too! Squeeze the drill trigger and pull it out.”

Mack had a good question. “So Dad, what are we building today?”

Dad pulled out his phone and showed it to the boys. “We have 106 plans to choose from. Pick one!”