“It is almost time, Mack!” Cheese said excitedly.

“Almost time for what?” asked Mack.

“Christmas, MAN! We have to get our lists together… or we get NOTHIN’! You know Mom has already told us that. Now you can not do
a list and get socks for Christmas OR you can do a list and get something you truly want.” said Cheese.

“Good point. I can do a list later though. Let’s go cook some breakfast and then play some games.” suggested Mack.

“Cereal and Brix is it!” said Cheese.

“You know what, Cheese? This DAYVID thing is getting really old. I am sick of it! Normally, Dad would have taken us out for breakfast this morning. Now he is still in bed and we are down here eating stale cereal.” complained Mack.

Cheese was finishing his cereal while Mack kept talking. Before long, it was just Mack at the table.

“Since nobody wants to stick around, I guess I will work on my list now.” Mack grabbed his notepad and started writing.