Cheese laid in his bed under the heaviest quilt Mom could find!

“I still feel cold, Mom. Can you give me some medicine before I take a nap?” asked Cheese.

“I sure can.” Mom replied. “Do you want soup or a sandwich to wash it down?”

“A grilled cheese sandwich please. On second thought, no sandwich. Do we have any fruit? If so, can I get a bowl of sliced bananas, strawberries, watermelon, pineapples, and grapes.” Cheese requested.

Mom laughed, “How about I lay you in the hammock out back and you pick all the oranges off the tree that you want?” Mom was only kidding. “I will be right back, son.”

Mack stepped into Cheese’s doorway.

“Hey bro! This is as far as I am going to come into your room. I do not want to catch what you got, but I do want you to feel better. We got stuff to do, so you cannot be sick long! Nobody got time to be sick during the summer!” said Mack and went downstairs to the kitchen.

Cheese mumbled something, but Mack did not ask him to repeat it.

“Hey Mack. How can I help you?” asked Mom.

“Hey Mom, how long do you think Cheese is gonna be under the weather? We got games to play.” Mack inquired.

Mom thought for a second, “If we let him rest and he takes his medicine, He should be better in a couple of days!”