“Do you see what I see, Mack?” asked Cheese standing on top of the sofa.

“Uh yeah sure! What do we see, Cheese?” Mack said slowly.

“It is a window. Not just any window, no! It is a window of opportunity and I see our neighbor, Gary, standing at our base!” Cheese said anticipating their upcoming adventures outside.

“Mom! Can Cheese and I go outside with Gary?” pleaded Mack.

Mom replied, “NO! You two cannot! Why not? Because yall rooms are a mess! The schoolroom is a mess, yall still have on your PJs, and your brother is standing on my sofa. Stay inside and get your lesson. But first, you clean up!”

“Awww man. It is gonna be a long day, Cheese.” Mack complained.

“Yeah! Just like that the window of opportunity turned into the curtain of closure!” Cheese said sadly.

Mack thought for a second, “Well, the faster we start cleaning, the faster we can get outside. You go clean up your room and I will go clean up the schoolroom.”

Cheese agreed, “Deal. Don’t forget you have to clean you room too.”

“Yes, I know this, man! Less talk, more work. Go!” Mack demanded.