Mack and Cheese were upstairs playing Stickymon when Cheese looked out of the front window.

“Hey look, Mack. Gary is out there riding his bike.” Said Cheese.

“Looks fun. When we finish this match, I’m gonna ask Mom or Dad if we can go out front with Gary.” Mack replied.

“Well. I’m done.” Said Cheese. “I’m going to put my book up and go outside!”

“I’m right behind you, bro!” Mack said.

Cheese mad his way downstairs first. As soon as he made it to the kitchen, the doorbell rang.

“Mom, can I answer that?” Cheese asked.

“No sir. You are too young.” Mom said quickly. She turned and opened the door. “Hey Gary! How can I help you?”

“Can the boys come out and play?” Gary asked.

“Yes sir. I will send them right out!” said Mom.

Mom closed the door and turned back around.

“OK Mom. We are going outside now. Thanks!” smiled Mack.

“Can you open the garage so we can get our bikes out?” asked Cheese.

“You guys can go outside and play as much as you like BUT as soon as the street lights come on, where will you be?” Mom asked.

They both replied, “In the house!”