“Mom said ‘Close’ when you said ‘waterfalls’, Cheese”. Mack said. “I wonder if that means we are going to the mountains or not.”

“It could mean we are going to see some water. The beach? Maybe?” Cheese wondered.

“There are so many possibilities.” Thought Mack.

“That is true! Where is your map? Let’s figure out where we are going!” said Cheese.

“Man that thing won’t tell us anything. All we would be doing is guessing.” Argued Mack.

“You mean like we are doing right now?!” Cheese fussed back.

Mack thought for a second, “You got a point there. Be right back!”

Mack ran and grabbed his United States map from the wall. He laid it out on the bed and they got to work. They took turns marking off the places they have already visited. It did not take long to finish.

“The map is still pretty empty, dude.” Stated Mack.

“Yeah. Maybe using the map was good idea. We still have a lot of options. Where did we say we wanna go?” asked Cheese.

Mack replied, “Either the mountains or some body of water.”

Cheese sighed, “I guess we gotta wait til morning.”