“…10-11-12-13-14-15! Ready or not here I come!” Mack shouted as he sprinted across the backyard.

Mack and Cheese were in their 3rd game of hide and seek. Little did Mack know, Cheese had found one of the best hide and seek spots known to kids across the world. AND because this was their 3rd game, many of the hiding spots were already used.

“AHA! Found ya!” Mack yelled as he looked behind the trash can. “Nope! Not around here!” he whispered. “Hmmm. Under the deck?” he asked himself…. “NOPE! Man, where could he be?!”

Mack looked all around their backyard. Under the deck… behind the tree… up in the tree… behind the bushes… in the she shed… behind the she shed… behind the compost bin! Still no Cheese.

Mack scratched his head, “Where is Cheese?”

Then he ran into the front yard. He wasn’t on the porch or in the garage! Cheese was nowhere to be found or was he?

**Where do you think Cheese is?**