“Hey Mack. People don’t stop by the house like they used to. I think DAYVID made people stay in their homes.” thought Cheese.

“Well you have a point. We only see Gary and Nana and PopPop once in a while. Well Gary a little bit more since he’s next door, but Nana and PopPop haven’t been here in a while.” sighed Mack.

“I want to show them my new Brix sets, all my new Stickymon cards, and take them on a walk. I miss them.” Cheese said.

“OK, bro. Let’s change the subject this is making me sad. I miss birthday parties. I’m going to sketch in my pad.” Mack said grabbing his colored pencils.

Cheese ignored Mack’s attempt to change the subject. “You keep drawing. I’m gonna list the other things I miss. Like going to the restaurant and eating pizza. AND walking around the mall! I’m so bored, bro!”

Mack sighed, “Just stop, Cheese! You messing up my concentration. Grab your phone, listen to some music, and play some video games… AND ask Mom if she can bake us some cookies.”