“Hey Mack! How’s your leg? Is it better?” asked Cheese.

“I think I’m all healed, dude. Just a few scrapes. I can still feel where I hit the ground though. Mom patched me up pretty good.” Replied Mack.

“Great! exclaimed Cheese. “Can you do a bike ride with me around the block?”

Mack agreed, “Sure! But this is your first time, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Cheese asked.

“There are rules to bike riding especially when riding where Mom and Dad can’t see you.
#1! When a car comes, get out of the road and stop until it passes.
#2! Stay in front of me! Got it?!” demanded Mack. Cheese nodded in agreement. “Good. Let’s go.”

It took them 5 minutes to go around the block together, but they made it.

“Whew! You did good little brother. We only had to stop twice. I’ll let Mom and Dad know how you did.” Said Mack.

“Thanks. Now let’s play Fire Tires Water Race!” Cheese was moving on to the next adventure.

“Fire Tires Water Race?!” Mack was puzzled. “What’s that?”

Cheese ran and grabbed a couple of the toy cars, “We get some Fire Tires, line them up, get our water guns, fill them up, and we race by shooting the water guns at the cars. The first one across the finish line wins!”

“Hmmm, that sounds cool. Let me go get some of my cars!” Mack grabbed his MBW and Miracle Bends. Both of them were candy red.
Cheese’s cars were all black.

They lined up the cars and Cheese shouted, “Ready! Set! GO!”