“Let’s go Mom. Let’s get baking. Well… I just need you to observe and get stuff from the high shelves. I’m in the mood for some oatmeal raisin cookies. Ready?” asked Cheese.
Mom sighed, “Am I ready? Let me think for a minute.”
“Come on, Mom! We don’t have all night.” complained Cheese.
“Alright, alright! Let’s go. Make sure you soak the raisins first!” Mom said.
“Soak the raisins!? Why would I do something like that? Wouldn’t they be wet?” said Cheese.
It’s up to you. I usually soak my raisins in water, so that they plump up.” replied Mom.
“Oh that makes sense.” Said Cheese as he poured water over his cup of raisins.
Mom and Cheese did their razzle dazzle around the kitchen. 20 minutes later, Cheese pulled 2 dozen of his fresh and warm oatmeal raisin cookies from the oven. He bit into one.
“Ummm, Mom. They smell nice and look nice, BUT they do not taste nice! What happened?” asked Cheese.
Mom sampled one of the cookies.
“Hmmm. It’s sweet, so you didn’t forget the sugar.” Mom gasped. “Did you put the salt in?”
Cheese was puzzled. “Salt?! Who puts salt in cookies? These are sweet treats, not popcorn!”