Every once in a while, Mack and Cheese go out with Dad to get some community service time. This morning, they would be teaching the community how to use the state’s new voting machines. Get registered and go vote.

“Wow! How do we use this thing, Dad?” asked Mack.

“Insert this strip of paper into the machine like this. And then answer the questions that will come up on the screen.” Dad instructed.

Cheese was already at the booth beside them already answering the questions.

“Hmmm, Beaches or Mountains? Beaches! Select. Sweet tea or unsweetened tea? Sweet! Duh! Select. This is easy, Mack!” said Cheese.

Dad spoke up, “Well Cheese, when you vote, you do not shout out your answers while you are at the voting box. You should keep your answers to yourself. Do your research, so you will make an informed decision.”

Cheese went back to his ballot. “Got it, Dad.” And started whispering. “Hmm. Pick two of your favorite fair foods. Uh, Corn dogs and Turkey Legs. I love to eat the ones Dad gets.”

Mack spoke up, “I like this voting thing, Dad. Are they all like this?”

“Not all of the time. The voting you two did today was to help people understand how to use the new voting machines. Last week, I did not know how to use it. I had to get trained myself. Voting is very important. So when adults go to vote, the questions are much different. We vote on the rules of the city, county, state, and country. And we can vote people into or out of an office. So when you’re old enough to vote, get informed and make that informed decision.” advised Dad.