“Here is your math lesson for today, Mack.” said Mom. “Go to your room and set aside all of the red, blue, yellow, and green Brix blocks you can find. If you can find more than 100 of them in two minutes, we will have an ice cream party!”

Mack smiled, “Really, Mom?”

“Yes, really! It is the weekend. Let’s have some fun! On your mark, get set, GO!” yelled Mom.

Mack ran straight to his room and dumped all of his Brix blocks onto the floor. then he began separating them into four piles.

Mom yelled again, “30 seconds!”

“Ahhh. Just keep sorting!” Mack said to himself.

“10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1! STOP!” said Mom and walked into Mack’s room. “Ok Mack. I want you to show me 4 groups of 25 Brix blocks.”

“It’s going to take a minute, Mom. But I can do it.” said Mack.

“That is ok. You take your time, son.” Mom assured him.

While Mack counted, Mom continued to teach. “So 4 groups of 25 equals 100. Another way of saying that is 4 times 25 equals 100. And if you make your 4 groups and have some left over… you and your brother will get an ice cream party!”

Mack continued to sort for a little while longer as if to double check his work.

“Ok Mom. Here are your 4 groups of 25 AND I have some green blocks left over. And that means… Bring on the ice cream!” shouted Mack.