Mack sighed, “Cartoons are over. Now what are we gonna do, Cheese?”

Cheese started, “I guess we…”

Dad interrupted, “I am about to play video games. You guys can watch.”

“Aww man! You are gonna play forever.” Said Mack.

“It depends on how you guys act while I’m playing. If you guys can calmly watch, then you can play after. If not, then you won’t play.” Replied Dad.

Mack and Cheese watched Dad play for about an hour. They even offered tips on how to play the game.

“OK guys. I am done BUT we need to go run a couple of errands and get some lunch. We gotta go refill our water.” Said Dad.

“We are going to the springs?!” Cheese asked excitedly.

“Yessir we are!” replied Dad.

The springs is a place where people collect drinking water. The water is said to have healing powers.

Cheese continued, “That is my favorite water. I think we should go again on my birthday.”

“Can we get in the stream while we are down there?” Mack asked.

“Not this time, dude. It’s kinda chilly out and we don’t know how many people will be out there.” Dad said.

“Man! DAYVID strikes again. We can’t even play in the water!” said Cheese.