“E-hem.” Cheese cleared his throat or at attempted to. “E-hem.” He repeated.

“Is something wrong, Cheese?” Mom asked.

“I think so. My throat feels scratchy. I can’t count in Swahili right now.” Cheese complained.

“Oh you can’t?” Mom replied. “Let me call Dr. Linnen. And set up an appointment.”

Cheese’s eyes got wide. “Hand me that cup, Mack!” Cheese shouted.

Mack handed Cheese his cup. And Cheese gulped down its contents.

Mom laughed, “I take it you are better now?”

Cheese smiled, “Yeeees, ma’am! Like 100% better. Mo-jah, M-bee-lee, and ta-too!”

“Wow Cheese. You sound better and you are counting in a foreign language. My vinegar water is a healing drink!” said Mack.

“Your WHAT water?” Cheese said.

“My vinegar water. I sip on it from time to time. I only put a little bit of apple cider vinegar in it. But it looked like it worked. You are cured, Bro!” Mack said.

Mom laughed at Mack’s comments. “Son, I think your brother was faking like he was sick. He got better when I said that I was gonna call the doctor.”

Mack turned to his brother, “Is that true, man? So my vinegar water does not really work? Is that what you are saying?”