“Mack. I got another loose tooth. Look.” Cheese said grabbing his top front tooth with his fingers.

“Oh no. Not again. Remember the last tooth you lost? It actually fell out during dinner! That was funny.” replied Mack. “How much did the Tooth Fairy bring?”

“Oh. I got paid that night. I think it was $2. But enough about teeth. Go grab your Brix, I’ll grab mine, and I’ll get the stacking wooden blocks game. It’s called Venga, right?” said Cheese.

“Yeah. That’s the name, but what are we gonna do with it and Brix? One is wood and the other is plastic. It doesn’t make sense, bro.” thought Mack.

Cheese started explaining, “Well, it’s two things. We will play Venga first. The person who wins 2 games first gets to decide what we build with the Brix. No need for you to worry about what we’re gonna build because I’m gonna win!”

Mack laughed, “Bro! You have NEVER won a game of Venga, even when we play with Mom and Dad. Which means we’re gonna build a race track, cars, and then race around the track.”

“Whatever! I’ll be right back.” Cheese said.

He grabbed the game and his Brix. It didn’t take Cheese long to be first to get 2 wins.