Cheese whispered over to Mack, “Ever since I was young I wanted a dog. Not a big one, but one that would stay puppy sized.”
Mack reasoned, “Well! Keep dreaming because Dad says, ‘No!’ and Mom is saying ‘Yes!’”
“But do you think they’ll let me keep him?” Cheese asked.
“KEEP WHAT?!” Mack replied with a puzzled look on his face.
Cheese ran to the back of the house and came back to the driveway with a scruffy, little, black, and white dog in his hands.
Mack’s eyes became huge as saucers, “What are you doing, Cheese? Whose dog is that?”
“IT’S OURS! If Mom and Dad say we can keep him…” Cheese turned the dog to see its tail. “At least I think it’s a him.”
“Dude, you’re crazy! They’re gonna say ‘NO!’” Mack was sure of it!
“Well, help me wash him right quick, so he’ll look good when WE ask Mom and Dad, the two of us…together!” Cheese smiled.