Cheese came running into Mack’s room shouting, “It’s gone! It’s finally gone!”

“What are you yelling about now, bro?” asked Mack as if Cheese was bothering him.

“My tooth!” Cheese smiled showing off his newfound gap. “My bottom tooth finally came out… well, Mom pulled it out. Remember how I would chew with the side of my mouth cause it would hurt? Well, Mom said, ‘If you keep chewing like that, I’m gonna pull it out!’ She noticed and then she pulled it out. It didn’t hurt much.”

“Make sure you save it. The tooth fairy should be making her rounds tonight. When she visits, I think you should give me a dollar.” suggested Mack.

Cheese laughed, “”Whatever bro! This is my tooth. This is my money. Grab your Chessboard. My wisdom teeth are coming in and I think I can finally beat you!”

Mack rolled his eyes and pulled the Chessboard down from the top of his closet. The boys played five games. Mack won them all.

“So much for those wisdom teeth. I beat you five times in a row. I’m tired.” Mack teased.

“That’s alright. They are still coming in. I will be a lot smarter when they all come in and settled.” Cheese said.

“Maybe. But for now, I’m still the Chess Champ! And since you lost, you pack up the pieces. Then we can go downstairs for some cookies. Unless my nose deceives me, Mom made some oatmeal raisin cookies.” announced Mack.