Mack complained, “Man! I’m tired of having our daily highlights be ‘going to the backyard!”

“I’m gonna go downstairs and make breakfast with Mom. See if I can get her to make some strawberry pancakes and bacon. I like bacon, crispy bacon!” said Cheese.

Mack smiled, “At least Dad is home with us more. I do like that!”

“Yeah, but only for a little while. Mom said not to get used to it. We should call him in here to hang out with us. You go get the Uno cards and I’ll get Dad.” Cheese ordered.

Dad was in his man cave playing music on his record player. Cheese knocked on the door.

Dad answered, “Who is it?”
“It’s Cheese.”
“Cheese who? I didn’t order any cheese!”
“It’s your son named Cheese… I mean Keith!”
“OH! I didn’t recognize your voice. Come in!” Dad replied.

Cheese stuck his head through the door. “Hey Dad! I see you’re not working. Mack and I want to know if you want to play some Uno.”

Dad smiled and replied, “DO I!? Of course I do! I’ve been wanting to beat you guys in some Uno!”