## Let’s throw it back a bit to early COVID times. Back when we didn’t know much about this thing. ##

“It’s been about a week since this Daytonavirus has been around. When can we go and play with our other friends besides Gary, Dad?” Mack questioned.

“Well, son. I think we are going to be in this for another week. I tell you what. When this is all over, I am going to get on the grill. We gonna do a cookout. Ribs, yams, corn, baked beans, and cookies. Deal?!” promised Dad.

“Yes!” interrupted Cheese. “Deal!”

“I would like that, Dad.” Mack said graciously. “Cheese, let’s go catch up on Brix Masters.”

“Mack, do you think you can help me ride my bike when we get out of here? I think I am ready.” Cheese asked.

“Sure! But I think Dad can do it better than I could. He taught me. But you have to be patient. Do you know what ‘to be patient’ means?” said Mack.

Cheese thought for a second, “Sorta. It means I have to listen?”

“Almost. It means you have to listen AND not fuss when Dad’s teaching. He really wants you to succeed.” Mack assured Cheese.

## March 22nd. We were so naïve back then. Coronavirus was basically brand new. Many of us thought. “Two weeks in the house & it’ll be ALL over.” Yet here we are six months later. Travel is still mostly domestic. Several deaths have occured, including family members. And I don’t see an end in sight. May God continue to watch over us all. ##