Mack looked around the kitchen. “Hey Mom, what’s that smell? It smells like hot, cooked trash!”

Mom laughed, “Oh really? I’m roasting some broccoli. That might be what you’re smelling.”

“Well either way, it STINKS! Can I open all of the windows in the house?” asked Mack.

“Is it really that bad, son?”

“YES!! You can really smell the difference when you come inside from breathing fresh air. But that’s not why I came inside. Where’s Dad? Somebody in the neighborhood is grilling and I want to know if Dad wants to help me grill in a few minutes.” Mack said.

Cheese was on the couch watching TV and overheard the conversation. “Really Mack?! You barely know how to grill a hot dog. Dad will be doing most of the work and you know it!”

“Well, I know who will NOT be getting anything from the grill!” Mack pointed in Cheese’s direction. “I hope you enjoy your roasted broccoli!”

“You guys are so funny! Mack, your Dad is in his man cave.” Mom said attempting to prevent a verbal fight amongst brothers.

Mack ran up to Dad’s man cave and knocked.

“Who is it and what do you want?” answered Dad.

“It’s me, Mack. It’s nice outside, somebody is grilling in the neighborhood, and I wanna know if you wanna help me grill.”