We got up this morning and Cheese was helping Dad in the backyard. It was also trash day. Mack went around the house, emptied all of the trash cans, and placed them in our HUGE trash can. The trash can was as big as a bookshelf but with wheels.
By the time Dad wheeled the trash to the street, we could see the trash truck coming down the street towards our house.
As it approached, the black smoke left its pipes polluting the air while picking up trash. The truck sounded like it needed to let off some steam as it stopped in front of our house.
After the truck picked up our trash, we smelled its load. And boy did it smell!
It smelled like wet toenails that have been melted on a BBQ grill and dipped in glue! Our neighbor, Gary, came out to play with us and we stayed outside for what felt like 20 hours. We all enjoy being outside riding bicycles, pushing scooters, and building forts in the woods.