“Dad! Mom didn’t cook tonight. Let’s go out to eat.” Mack said convincingly.
Dad agree, “Sure! Why not?!”
“Great! Let’s go to Toobie Ruesday’s! I love that place!” Cheese exclaimed.

*fast forward to Toobie Ruesday’s*

Cheese ordered first “Dad! I’ll take the Mini Corn Dogs, fries, and blue cheese.”
Mack pleaded, “I’m tired of ordering off the kids menu, Dad. Let me see your menu.”

Dad gave Mack a look and passed him the adult menu.

Mack looked through the menu to decide what he wanted to order. “Hmmm. The fish sounds alright, but I’m not ready for fish right now. Maybe the ribs or everyone’s favorite, Fried Chicken!” He continued to debate within his mind. “I’ll settle for a bacon cheeseburger and fries and ketchup!”

So when the food came out, there was one slight problem. The order was incorrect and the food was cold! What is up with that?!
Dad called the waiter over and said, “Please send this all back.”

Dad saves us again.


This story was written on 1/16/2020 before COVID. Little did we know that life as we knew it was about to change.