Dad stood at the bottom of the staircase, looked up towards the top, and yelled. “Mack and Cheese!”

Cheese was the first to the top of the stairs. “Yeah Dad. You called us?”

Dad did not say a word.

Then Mack appeared, “Hey Dad!”

“I am about to run some errands. Do you want to go with me?” Dad said.

“Can we go by the store to get some Stickymon cards?” asked Cheese.

Dad sighed, “I am not making any promises about that. I have to go by the post office, put gas in the car, grab lunch, and sign you guys up for swim lessons. Stopping by the store is the last thing on my list. I have to be back here in two hours.”

Mack thought for a second, looked at Cheese, and said, “No thanks. That is lot of stuff.”

“I am gonna stay home too, Dad.” said Cheese.

“Hey Cheese, come over to my room. We should have a sleepover tonight. That way we won’t have to talk through the walls tonight.” Mack recommended.

“Bro, it is only 11:30, we can talk about that type of stuff after lunch! Go grab me one of them puzzles. I am feeling artistic today.” said Cheese.

“Artistic?! I know just the puzzle. The Van Gopher one!” Mack said.