Mom was heading downstairs when she walked by the schoolroom. Cheese was sitting in there with his DAYVID journal and his pencil.

“Good morning, Cheese! Whatcha doing there?” Mom asked.

He replied, “Nothing much. Just writing down my thoughts from the past couple of days. They are good thoughts. And now with the holidays coming up, I am happier because we will get to see our family members. We have not seen many of them in soooooo long! I wish…”

The doorbell interrupted his talk with Mom.

“Come on. Let’s go answer it.” she said.

They got to the door and she let him answer it.

“Who is it?” Cheese asked.

“It is me?!” the voice said back. It sounded familiar.

Cheese whispered, “That sounded like Nana!”

Mom opened the door and there she was.

“NANA!” Cheese shouted.

Before she could walk in the door, Cheese AND Mack were wrapped around her waist!

“Nana! You are here!” Mack said, still smiling by the surprise.

“I was just telling Mom how much I have missed you, Nana! And now you are here!” Cheese could not stop smiling.

This was going to be a great day!