Dad stuck his head into Mack’s room.
“Hey guys! Do you want to ride around the neighborhood on our bikes?” he asked.
Cheese spoke up first, “Nah! It’s too many hills and I don’t like them.”
Mack disagreed, “I’ll go with you, Dad! It’s fun going down the hills.”
“WELL! We gotta get UP the hills first, son” replied Dad. “Meet me in the garage. And don’t forget your helmet!”
Dad started the ride-tracking app on his phone and off they went.
Dad instructed, “OK Mack you’re gonna be in front. I’ll direct you from behind.”
They rode for about a half-mile and up a hill before they both needed to catch their breath and drink some water.
Mack panted, “Whew! That was a rough hill! We both had to walk up!”
Dad smiled and said, “Now comes the easy and fun part!”
They lined up at the stop sign and coasted down hill for about 5 minutes straight! Mack cruised into their yard and found Mom and Cheese playing out back.
Mack’s heart was racing! “GUYS! Guess how far we went! Tell em Dad!”
Dad looked down at his app and said, “4.5 miles!”
Mack ended, “…and boy are my legs tired!”