“OK boys! It is time for bed. Time to turn the TVs off.” Dad announced.

The boys huffed at Dad’s words.

Mack spoke first, “Aww man!”

“But Mom said we could watch until she came upstairs.” Cheese complained.

Dad looked at Cheese and said, “What did I just say?”

They huffed again and went to their rooms to turn their TVs off. After turning his TV off, Cheese walked over to Mack’s room.

“Dad can be mean sometimes.” said Cheese.

“I know, right! I wish he had let us keep watching our shows. What were you watching?” asked Mack.

“Surprisingly, I was watching something educational. The Tasty Foods Network was showing a documentary on the science of making ice cream. Did you know that ice cream starts on the farm as milk from cows? Their milk gets squirted into buckets. Then the milk gets frozen and mixed with strawberries for strawberry ice cream. Hot chocolate mix goes into chocolate ice cream. And… and I don’t remember how to get vanilla ice cream. I think the milk isn’t mixed with anything to get vanilla. What about you? What were you watching?” replied Cheese.

“That sounds interesting, but boring! I was watching Revengers. It was the episode where Bulk and Black Jaguar discovered the DAYVID cure in Black Jaguar’s home country of Wywonder.” said Mack.

“Oh! I love that episode!” smiled Cheese.