Cheese stood in the bathroom staring into the mirror. He wiggled his bottom tooth with his tongue. “Hmmm. Still a little loosth. But not ready to come out” he said to himself. Cheese walked into Mack’s room.

“Knock first!” Mack shouted.

“Sorry. I forgot. Can I come in?” Cheese asked.


“Look at this man. My tooth is loosth. When your baby teeth were loosth, how did Mom help you take them out?” said Cheese.

Mack thought for a second, “Mom didn’t take any out. The dentist took my first 10 teeth out. They had to pull them out!”

Cheese was shocked, “Did it hurt? It sounds like it hurt.”

“It did a little, but they gave me a shot. I even pulled a couple out with him.” Mack laughed.

“I’m about to go see Mom and see if she’ll pull this one out for me. I’ll be right back.” said Cheese as he walked out of the room. “Mooooom!” he called.

“Mom is not here!” she yelled from her room.

Cheese stood in Mom’s door, “But you are here! You just talked AND I can see you. I need your help. I have a loosth tooth.”

“You sure you want my help?” Mom asked. “If so, bring me the dental floss.”