“Mack set the timer for 30 minutes. We have just enough time for one last Terf gun battle. Go get all of your gear! This battle is going to be epic.” announced Cheese.

“I know right! It feels like a final final battle!” said Mack as he strapped on his bullet belt and stuffed three Terf guns into his backpack.

“Wait for me, guys!” yelled Gary running out of his backdoor.

“Hurry up and find a base! We don’t have long to play. Dinner is almost ready.” Cheese said.

Gary ducked down behind a downed tree. Mack found a spot behind a large mound of brush. And Cheese stood out in the open, looking around still trying to find a base.

Mack called out, “I’m starting the timer! Every man for himself! 5-4-3-2-1!”

**pop pop**

Two bullets whizzed by Cheese’s head. He fell to the ground.

“Whew! That was close.” Cheese whispered to himself and crawled on his belly to a hole they had dug earlier this year.

Mack threw a stick in Gary’s direction. Gary stood up and said “You missed m…”

**pop pop**

Mack interrupted the bragging with shots to Gary’s arm and stomach.

“Those didn’t miss!” he laughed. “Come out from hiding, Cheese! You’re next, bro!”