We all sat down at the table. We each had a side to ourselves. And we each had an ice cream in front of us, Dad wasn’t a cheapskate after all.
Dad started, “Well guys there are a lot of things going on right now. Some grown up things that little kids shouldn’t have to be worrying about.”

Mack interrupted, “Like the Daytonavirus?!”

Dad finished, “Yes son, like the Daytonavirus. But I’m not talking about that right now. There are some people in this world who have a lot of hate in their hearts. For some unknown reason, they treat certain people with hurtful words and actions.” Dad’s eyes were starting to water and tone in his voice got shaky.

Mom grabbed Dad’s hand, “What Dad wants to let you guys know is that:
There will be bittersweet times. The sweet times are the good times. Like when you’re creating with your Brix or enjoying some good ice cream. The bitter times are the not so good times where life makes you feel bad. It may come from something you see, hear or touch. I know you guys are only 7 & 9 years old, but we have to teach you guys about how to deal with the bitter. Because we know you know how to deal with the sweet, because you’ve cleaned out those ice cream bowls!” Mom smiled.

Before she could finish, Cheese asked, “Can we go play in the backyard?!”

Mom replied, “Yes, you guys can go. We’ll finish this conversation later. It may not be later tonight. But we will finish it.” And the boys ran out into the backyard.

Dad looked up at Mom and said “Prayerfully, before it’s too late!”