Cheese walks into the room, “Hey Mom! Hey Dad! Good morning!”

“Good morning Cheese. How are you? Have you done your morning chores yet? Net time, knock before you enter!” Mom said.

“Uhh, not yet!” he says as he turns around and walks out of Mom and Dad’s room.

Cheese walked straight into Mack’s room. “Hey Mack, wake up! We have to get our morning chores done! Mom said!”
He said it like the world revolves around Mom’s every word.

Mack grumbled, “I’m still sleeping, Cheese! Geez! And why don’t you ever knock!? Get out of here.”

“Dude! It’s Saturday! Remember? Dad’s taking us to the home improvement store to build the basketball set. Come on, he signed us up! Up and at em!” Cheese said excitedly.

“Well your breath stinks, so that means you haven’t done your morning chores yet!” Mack says as he sits up in bed.

Cheese walks toward their shared bathroom and stopped, “That wasn’t nice! I haven’t brushed my teeth yet!” Then he walked back to Mack, leaned into his face, and said, “I hhhhhhope you hhhhhhhhave a nice day!”

Mack held his nose, “Get out of my face! That was so gross!”

Dad yelled down the hall, “Cheesy Mack! My truck is rolling in 15 minutes, with or without you! I gotta get some stuff from the store anyway!”

Mom looked at Dad with a side eye, “What do you have to get from the store? You don’t need nothing from that store”

“Well, actually. I need everything from that store. One of everything! I’m sure I can find you something you’d like out of there. Like a ceiling fan or something.” Dad bragged.

Mom’s eyes lit up, “Oooo! A ceiling fan. That would be nice.”

Dad got up, gave Mom a kiss, and said, “Not this trip though… This is a boys’ trip! Love ya!” And walked out of the room. “Come on boys. We need to go now before Mom decides to come with us.

Cheese was already downstairs, “I’m ready, Dad!”

Dad and Cheese looked toward the ceiling. They heard footsteps. “Wait for me, guys! I’m coming too!”