“Hey! When did you get that game on your tablet?!” asked Cheese.

The boys were laying on the couch playing video games.

“I downloaded it yesterday. Pretty cool, huh? I get to race Fire Tires cars right here on my tablet!” Mack answered excitedly but kept his eyes on the illuminated screen.

“Hmm! I am gonna get that game too, so we can race each other.” said Cheese.

Cheese went to the app store and it said ‘Please ask an adult to download this game.’

Cheese sighed, “I don’t feel like asking Mom or Dad. Back to Candy Rush I go. Hey Mack! So what are we gonna do about this Santa thing? He’s considered as essential, right?!”

“Bro, if it was left up to me, Santa would be on the top of the Essential Workers list. We have to sit down with Mom and Dad and see if they’re gonna let Santa in this year. I say ‘yes’ and I’m sure you do too.” Mack said.

Cheese turned his tablet off. “I don’t have time to waste, bro! I need to talk to Mom and Dad now. We need answers!”

He walked upstairs to Mom and Dad’s room. They were sitting on their couch watching Ms. Brown cook her lowcountry dishes on TV.

Cheese interrupted, “Hey parental units! Are you guys allowing Santa in the house this year?”