Mack sat on the floor putting his shoes on.

Cheese looked on and said, “Dude! Where do you think you’re going? We haven’t had breakfast yet!”

Mack replied, “Dad’s out in the garage and we’re about to go on a walk. Except I’m gonna ride my bike!”

Cheese ran to get his shoes, “I’m going too. Don’t leave me!”

Cheese met Dad and Mack in the garage and off they went. Dad walked, Mack biked and Cheese scooted along on his scooter.

Without a warning, a rock jumped up and made Cheese’s scooter come to a complete stop! But Cheese didn’t… *CRASH*

Cheese’s leg was scraped up and had a little cut on his hand from the road. He was fine until he saw the little spot of blood on his hand. Cheese began to scream like his hand was about to fall off.

Dad gave him a look that said, “Really? You’re not dying!”

Mack sighed and said calmly, “I’ll go get him a bandaid.”

“Thanks Mack” Dad said. Luckily, they weren’t too far from the house, so Dad watched Mack get the bandaid from Mom. Dad had texted her the minute Cheese started crying. He had almost sent Cheese home, but he asked Mom to bring a bandaid outside.

Dad placed the small bandaid in Cheese’s palm and the crying stopped. “All better?” Dad asked.

Cheese stopped sniffling, smiled, and said, “Good as new, Dad!”

Mack sighed again, “Oh brother. Let’s finish our ride!”