Mack put a baseball cap on his head and went downstairs. Cheese was watching cartoons with Dad. Mack cleared his throat to make Dad and Cheese look at him.

“Hey Mack! What’s up?” asked Dad.

“Uh nothing much. What are you guys watching?” replied Mack.

“Just the Revengers. Join us. Have a seat and take off that hat!” said Cheese.

Mack stared at Cheese as if he wanted to say, “What are you doing, Cheese?!”

Cheese reached over, snatched the cap off of his head, and revealed Mack’s dilemma.

“SON! What did you do to your head? WAIT! HOW did you do that to your head? Did you do that? Say something! Right now, son!” yelled Dad.

Mack’s eyes began to water and he started sniffling, “I tried to cut my hair with your clippers and I messed up. I asked Cheese to help, but he left me.”

“And he did the right thing to stay out of this! You have like 11 bald spots around your head. Let’s go back upstairs. Once I try to fix this, you are in trouble! You should have asked me first!” Dad fussed.

“I did ask. Mr. Bart didn’t have an opening and you left. So I got your clippers. I’m sorry, Dad.” Mack apologized.

Cheese laughed, “Get upstairs, bro! Your hair is a mess!”

Mack grabbed his cap and went back upstairs.

“Pause the show, Cheese. I’ll be right back.” said Dad.