“Mom finally remembered the time Cheese got into big trouble!” Mack thought to himself.

Mom had some friends over right before DAYVID hit. It was a ramen party, I think with her and the book club. Well Cheese kept being in grown folks business. As the ladies were talking, Cheese continually interrupted.

Mack explained, “Yes, I know it has been 5 months since we have been on stay-at-home orders. I think Mom just remembered what happened. Cause at breakfast she said, ‘I have not forgotten what you did at my party, Cheese! We will talk later.’ Poor Cheese. Moms do not forget anything. It is like a superpower. Well anyway… I remember what happened that night too! Because I went into Cheese’s room and he was crying so I asked what had happened.”

**rewind 5 months to the book club’s ramen party**

Cheese whined to Mom. Back and forth all night.
“Mom, can I get a snack. I’m hungry…
Can I hold your phone to play a game…
Mom can I sit in your lap
Mack is bothering me…
He won’t let me play the…”

Mom snapped, “Keith Bartholomew! Take your little self upstairs to your room, right now!”

Cheese knew he was in deep trouble when Mom used his first and middle name. He stormed and stomped up the stairs. Cheese’s little tantrum got Mom fired up even more.

“Sorry about that interruption, ladies. Let me go settle this, I will be right back.” Mom said as she went upstairs after Cheese.

Mack heard a pop and then Cheese was wailing. Then he heard Mom go back downstairs. When the coast was clear, he ran over to Cheese’s room to find out what happened.

Mack whispered, “What happened, Dude?”

Cheese sniffled, “I got in trouble for being rude, talking back and not listening. I learned that we should not do that.”

Mack stayed a while and got all of the details. “Man! And she said she’s not gonna punish you today?”

Cheese said, “Yes. She said that she is not ready to punish me now.”

“Oh snap. This is not good. Good luck with that.” Said Mack.

**Fast forward to present-day breakfast**

Mom yelled upstairs, “Cheese, come here. It’s time for your punishment. After you finish your morning chores, I need you to _____________”

What is a fitting punishment for what Cheese did?