“Grab your shoes, boys. We are headed to the store. I need to find a cabinet.” said Dad.

“You should just build it yourself, Dad. That way we can all stay home. Let us go get the wood at the lumber yard and then build it tomorrow.” said Mack.

Dad thought about it for a second and replied.

“You know what, son? I like that idea. Go ask your Mom what she thinks.” said Dad. “She is in our room.”

Mack ran upstairs and found Mom watching TV. “Hey Mom! Change of plans. Dad is going to buy one. OK? OK, cool. I will tell him you are OK with it. THANKS!” Mack smiled and went back downstairs without getting an answer from Mom.

Dad was now on the couch playing video games with Cheese.

Dad paused the game. “What did Mom say?”

“Well she didn’t say anything. I told her that you would be making the cabinet and then I came back.” replied Mack.

“What? You didn’t stay for an answer?” Dad put his head in his hands. “I will be right back.” He put down his controller and went upstairs.

Cheese gave Dad’s controller to Mack. “Here you go, Mack. Play with me. I was tired of beating Dad anyway.”