Cheese came running up the stairs and into Mack’s room.

Mack shouted, “HEY Dude! Knock before you come into my room.”

“OK! Geez!” Cheese said as he backed up and knocked on the door. “I really don’t need to come in. I just wanted to tell you that I am about to help Dad change the oil.”

“I’m coming too!” said Mack.

The boys ran back downstairs together and went into the garage. Dad had cloths, oil drip pans, funnels, and tools laid out beside and under the truck.

“Can I do it, Dad?” asked Cheese. “I think I know how to do it.”

“Show me where the oil is and I will let you change the oil.” Dad negotiated.

Cheese crawled under the truck, “Look right here, Dad! See this bolt? That’s the oil plug. the oil is right behind it. You showed it to us last time.”

“Well alright. Here is the ratchet and socket to get the plug out. Go to work!” Dad said.

“Umph!” Cheese struggled at first to get the bolt to move, but he got it. The oil drained out and Mack climbed into the engine to replenish the oil.

“Look Dad! I didn’t even make a mess!” Mack said proudly.

Mack worked so fast to pour the oil in, he did not give Cheese enough time to put the oil plug back in.


That was the sound of oil spilling onto the cloth in the driveway and onto Cheese’s arm.

Cheese fussed, “What are you doing?! I’m not done down here!”

Dad let out an exhaustive sigh, “You guys were doing so good until you tried to rush things.”