“Cheese, once upon a time, we had a dog. And his name was Victor.” said Mack.

“Dude! We have NEVER had a dog! What are you talking about?” Cheese said.

Mack sighed, “I am trying to tell a story here. Will you let me finish?”

Cheese apologized, “Oh! I am sorry. Yeah, sure… finish.”

Mack continued, “Victor was a good dog. He was a small bulldog and took his time going everywhere. He hardly ever ran. BUT! He was smart and he had a magic trick.”

Cheese interrupted, “What do you mean ‘a magic trick’? What could he do?”

“Oh! He could make a bone disappear.” Mack answered.

“Can’t all dogs do that? They dig a hole, throw the bone in, and cover it up!” asked Cheese.

Mack was amazed, “So you’ve seen him do the magic trick too?”

Cheese got up to walk away, “Of course I haven’t seen the magic trick! You are making this story up. Besides, I’ve heard enough of your story. It needs more work.”

Mack sighed, “OK. I will work on it. Should I take out the magic trick part?”

“I think it would be best if you did. Or come up with a better magic trick.” Cheese replied.