“Oh no! I forgot to mail my letter to Santa!” shouted Cheese.

“You did what?!” asked Mack.

“I forgot to mail my letter to Santa. It has been sitting on the schoolroom table since last month. Now, I am doomed!” said Cheese.

Mack agreed, “You got that right! Christmas is in 5 days. The mailman has been running late because of DAYVID. Even if you mail it today, it might not get to Santa and his elves on time!”

“Really?” Cheese’s eyes began to water.

“But do not worry, bro! I know another way to get your request to Santa! We can email him.” suggested Mack.

The boys ran upstairs and into Dad’s office. He was sitting at his desk working on his computer.

“Hey Dad. We need to borrow your computer. I forgot to mail my letter to Santa and Mack is going to email it to him.” Cheese informed Dad.

“Sure. I will set it up for you.” Dad said. “What is his email address? He did not have email when I was a kid. Times have changed.”

“It is santa.clause@northpole.com.” replied Mack.

Dad asked, “Ok, Cheese. What do you want it to say?”