“Maxwell! Keith! It’s time to eat! Come on in, wash your hands, and have a seat.” yelled Mom from the back door.

“OK, guys! The battle is over! We gotta go in. Since I made the most hits, I win!” announced Mack.

“That’s OK. I still had fun.” replied Gary.

“See ya later, Gary!” said Cheese running from his Terf base.

Mack and Cheese walked inside and saw the huge food spread on the countertops and table.

“Go wash up before you step another foot closer to the food.” Dad said.

“Matter of fact, go take your showers. You smell like outside.” Mom added.

Mack mumbled, “We STILL don’t know what outside smells like.”

15 minutes later, Mack and Cheese came downstairs in their PJs smelling like a million bucks.

“So Mom. What’s with all of the food?” asked Cheese.

“It’s a celebration, son. The Center for DAYVID Control has announced that we no longer have to wear masks AND we can visit people again AND we don’t need a vaccination!” answered Mom.

“Well pass me the cookies! That’s great news! I am ready to go!” Cheese said.

“So when is our next trip, Dad?” said Mack.