Mack slowly unrolled the little slip of paper Mom and Dad had given him.

“What does it say, Mack!?” Cheese asked anxiously.

“Be cool, man!” Mack said as he scanned over the paper.

Welcome to the Christmas Scavenger Hunt! One or more prizes may be available. When you get the answer, send us an email. We will keep track of the score. The faster you submit your answer, the more points you get. [For example: 1st correct answer: 300 points; 2nd correct answer: 200 points; 3rd correct answer: 100 points; all other correct answers: 50 points. And if…

“And if what, Mack?! What does it say? I like prizes! Keep reading!” yelled Cheese.

Mack looked up at Cheese and said, “That’s it. That’s all they wrote on the paper. There has to be more though!”

Cheese jumped down from his bed. “Let’s go talk to Mom and Dad!”

Mack rolled up the paper and joined Cheese on the staircase. Before he could get to the bottom, Cheese yelled, “MOM! DAD! Where are you?”

“Shhh! We are watching a movie.” whispered Mom.

Mack whispered back, “Hey Dad. This paper you gave me is incomplete. Where is the rest?”

“Oh! I thought you would never ask. It’s right here in my pocket. Here.” replied Dad.