“Aww! Thanks for the hug, Mom! I needed that.” Mack said graciously.

Mom smiled, unwrapped her arms from around Mack’s shoulders, and walked outside to her she shed.

“Look Cheese. Mom is going to her she shed.” announced Mack.

“I wonder what she does in there.” asked Cheese.

“She probably goes in there to read. Dad made her a bookshelf. And he put a refrigerator in there too.” said Mack.

“I bet she’s got sodas in there! Sodas taste better when you drink them by yourself!” Cheese said.

Mack looked puzzled, “Say What? What does that even mean, bro?”

Cheese laughed, “Man I don’t know, it just sounded good. Ha ha!”

“Come on, let’s go build with some Brix. Dude, I got so many for Christmas! I some Revengers, Galaxy Wars, Clay Potter and some Ghosthustlers sets!” said Mack.

“I got mostly video games. Since Mom is outside, we should see if Dad will let us play right now.” thought Cheese.

“But it is not Saturday!” Mack warned him.

“Yeah, but if he says we can play, would you play?” asked Cheese.

Mack replied quickly, “Of course I would! Don’t be silly.”

“Hey Dad!” Cheese started. “Can we play the video game?”

Dad replied, “It’s not Saturday!”