Mack let out a sigh, closed his journal, and walked into Cheese’s room.

“Stop right there! You didn’t knock!” Cheese ordered.

knock, knock “Can I come in?” Mack mumbled.

“Yeah sure” Cheese answered.

“I need a break. I’m about to go outside and play.” Said Mack and walked out of the room.

Cheese turned the TV off and followed Mack downstairs. Dad was already outside, so they didn’t have to ask to go outside.

Cheese whispered, “Look Mack. Dad’s got a big box. I think we can fit in it. Go touch it! I’ll go ask if we can have it!”

Mack walked over. He was slightly taller than this box, which meant that he could fit AND SIT inside.

Cheese walked up behind Dad, “Hey Dad! Can we have that cardboard box over there in the garage? We want to make a food truck?”

Dad looked surprised, “A food truck!? Oh boy! Yes, you can have it. How can I help?”

Mack spoke up, “I’ve been doing some calculations, Dad. We’re going to need windows and a paint job. So for now, we need you to cut our windows out. You’re going to need your pocketknife.”

Dad pulled the knife out of his pocket. Looked at the box and realized that he needed his box cutter for this job.

“Let me get my box cutter. It will make the cuts easier.” Said Dad.

Dad proceeded to cut out five windows in the box. Two on each side and one in the front.

Cheese tapped Dad again, “OK, we need you to go to the pantry and grab some pretzels, hot dogs, tacos, and ice cream. We need to stock our truck. Thanks Dad!”