Mom and Dad were in the living room discussing grown up stuff when Cheese came in from the backyard.

“Hey Cheese!” Mom said. “What’s wrong? Why did you come in so early? You’ve only been outside for like 10 minutes.”

Cheese washed his hands and sat down on the floor by Mom. “It’s hot outside, so I didn’t want to play out there anymore.” he replied. “Hey Dad. Can you read the other scroll for me again?”

Dad rolled his eyes, pulled out the little scroll from his pocket, and started reading. “And if the hunt ends with a tie, we might give multiple awards.”

“That’s it? That’s all it says, Dad? We need more information!” demanded Cheese.

Dad smiled, “Go get your brother and I will give you the first clue.”

Cheese popped up, ran to the back door, opened it, and yelled for his brother. “MACK! Get in here! Dad is gonna give us the first clue of the scavenger hunt!”

Mack climbed down from the tree and ran inside.

“What’s the clue?” Mack asked out of breath.

Dad pulled out a new scroll. Search the website for story 8/366 and tell me ‘How many additional garden beds did Dad make?’ GO!