“Come on guys! Grab your bikes or grab your hiking sticks. We need to ride or walk off all of this food we just ate!” directed Mom.

“I will be walking. Let me grab my house keys and hiking stick!” said Dad.

“I’m grabbing my bike.” decided Cheese.

Mack agreed, “Me too!”

“Suit yourselves, boys. You know the neighborhood trail is hilly.” Mom reminded them.

Mom and Dad locked up the house as the boys waited for them in the driveway. About 15 minutes into the family’s After Turkey Day Dinner walk, they reached a fork in the path.

Which way, Mack?!” asked Dad.

“Let’s go that way! It looks like that tree down there is on fire, but I don’t see any smoke!” shouted Cheese.

“Yeah! Let’s go that way, Dad.” agreed Mack.

They went a few yards and realized that the tree wasn’t on fire.

“Cheese! This tree isn’t on fire! I knew we should have gone the other way.” complained Mack. “The leaves are just bright red.”

Mom admired the tree. “It’s a beautiful tree. I am glad you guys picked this way. OK Pop Quiz! We talked about this already in our science lessons. I hope you guys have been paying attention. What makes leaves change color?