“Man! Winter is here! It is so cold outside. Where are my gloves and hat, Mom?” asked Mack.

“They are probably in you closet. Did you look? But where do you think you are going?” replied Mom.

“I want to go outside for a little bit. I see Gary out there too.” Mack said.

Mom answered, “SURE! You can go outside and play… OR you can stay inside and solve the final clue of our Scavenger Hunt.”

Cheese was sitting on the couch when Mom made the announcement. He turned around and looked at Mack, “Don’t you dare take a step out of that door, dude! Mom! Where’s the clue?”

“I have it right here! Your Dad gave it to me before he went to play golf.” said Mom.

“Read It!” the boys said together.

Mom pulled the slip out of her pocket and began to read, “To the readers of the final clue. For a chance at a handsome reward, How long should you brush your teeth (in minutes)?

“That’s it?! The final clue is a health advertisement?” asked Cheese.

Mack agreed, “I know right! I was expecting something spectacular, something amazing, something revolutionary! But this question is too easy. You brush your teeth there is no more sand falling in the timer! BAM! Done!”

“Wrong answer!” Mom shouted.