Certain days it must be hard for our parents to want to yell at us. One afternoon, Cheese and I were playing in the house. We ended up breaking something… don’t worry, it was just a small egg. Mom called it a fabric J egg.
Cheese yelled, “Mack catch this football!” And he threw the ball in the air.
“Nice throw!” Mack said. “Now go long!”
As Cheese turned to run, the ball was released in the air. As the ball came down, Cheese bumped the fabric J egg’s table and stand. The football knocked the egg off of the table.
Mom yelled from the kitchen, “What was that?!”
When we didn’t answer, she came running into the living room!
“What happened to my egg?” Mom gritted between her teeth in a scarily calm voice.
“HE did it!” we said and pointed to each other at the same time.